Dear partners and colleagues!

Many of the facilities implemented by the Institute influenced the development of the country's metallurgical industry and were marked by significant government awards. Our highly qualified specialists created large-scale projects, according to which enterprises were built that are functioning to this day. We appreciate the experience of past years and the ideas of our predecessors, which we proudly pass on to the new generation, creating modern history and developing the Company.

Today Giprocvetmet is a modern design and engineering company with a strong production staff and a significant project portfolio, successfully introducing digital technologies into production processes. It is important for us to achieve our goals, clearly comply with the deadlines and use the most modern IT technologies to solve the tasks.

On behalf of the Institute and myself, I want to thank you for your confidence and interest in our organization and wish you and your business a successful development and prosperity.

I am glad to welcome you on the official website of Giprotsvenmet.

Yours faithfully,
Vladislav Nevolin

For more than 90 years, the research, design and engineering institute of mining and non-ferrous metals metallurgy has been a leader in the industry, providing general design services, design documentation development and commissioning of strategically important mining facilities.

The "Giprocvetmet" company team is its core value
The system of internal corporate development of the team is based on 5 basic principles and values of the Company:

Employees of the company is a key value, therefore it is important for us that work at "Giprocvetmet" meets the expectations of specialists. We respect the interests of everyone and responsibly comply with the requirements of the Labor law of the Russian Federation.

In the era of the dynamic development of business and digital technologies, the Company strives to provide all the conditions for professional and career growth of each team member.

Professionalism and achievements

The success of the Company is achieved by the willingness and ability of the staff to develop, learn new things; that's why the Company pays serious attention to improving the professional level of the team. Besides that, "Giprocvetmet" collaborates with leading Russian universities to train young personnel.

Self-education and development

We appreciate the Institute's 90 years of experience, which we pass on to a new generation of designers through the exchange of best practices, as well as process automation and digital transformation of the Company.


Continuity and transparency

Compliance with expectations and responsibility

• Personality

• Professionalism

• Trust in engagement

We will be happy to see You in a "Giprotsvetmet" team. You can leave your review, suggestion and take a look at the open vacancies of the Company in the "Jobs" section

It is important to see

• Initiative and desire for development

• Responsibility

• Mutual attention and support

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