The «Giprotsvetmet» JSC project successfully passed public hearings on the construction of a mining and processing plant on the basis of the «Ak-Suk» deposit, Tyva Republic
November 28, 2019, Tyva Republic

Public hearings were held on the 28th of November, 2019 in Tyva Republic regarding to the project documentation for economic and other activities as well as materials for environmental impact assessment on the object of state and environmental review - «Construction of the mining and processing plant on the basis of the Ak-Sug porphyry-copper deposit». At the hearings «Giprotsvetmet» JSC presented project decisions regarding environmental measures of preventing and minimizing the negative impacts of the planned economic activity on the environment and socio-economic conditions.

Hearings took place in the Toora-Khem village, Todzhinsk district of the Tyva Republic under the leadership of the deputy chairman of the district administration for economics Aylana Khovalyg. Participated in the project public discussion: Alexander Brokert - first deputy prime minister of the Tyva Republic; Vera Levina - deputy of the Supreme Chural; republican ministers including Elena Karataeva; minister o economics - Oleg Bady; minister of road transport complex - Roman Kozhin; minister of fuel and energy complex - Ivan Ulturgashev; minister of land relations - Alexander Shaferov; vice-president «MC «Intergeo» LLC - Alexander Efimov, director of the Krasnoyarsk branch «MC «Intergeo» LLC - Andrey Listkov; CEO «Golevskaya GMC» LLC and Alexander Shidlovsky - deputy director for production and development of project activities «Giprotsvetmet» JSC as well as representatives of public organizations and Todzhin region residents.

Alexander Shidlovsky presented an evaluation report on the environmental impact of the construction of a mining and processing plant. In his speech «Giprotsvetmet» JSC deputy director informed the Tyva Republic Government and the general public about the absence of any negative environmental impacts. Environmental programs have been implemented in the project area for ten years. They included sets of measures minimizing harmful environmental impacts, engineering solutions using advanced resource-saving technologies, environmental monitoring and control.

A number of socially important issues including employment of local population especially the possibility of training future personnel and advanced trainings for specialists was discussed with members of the Tyva Republic Government at public hearings on the object of state environmental review - «Construction of a mining and processing plant on the basis of the Ak-Sug porphyry-copper deposit in the Todzhinsky district, Tyva Republic».

«MC «Intergeo» LLC representatives discussed with the leadership of the mining technical college in Toora-Khem the format of interaction and educational programs and signed the plan of education that will launch from next year. As a result of the discussion the vast majority of participants supported the construction of the plant.

«Giprotsvetmet» JSC has been the general designer of the mining and processing plant construction on the basis of the Ak-Sug porphyry-copper deposit with 24 million tons of ore per year capacity since 2018. The start of construction work is scheduled for 2020, commissioning is scheduled for 2023 and reaching the full capacity is scheduled for 2025.

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