Construction of MPW on the basis of the Tugan deposit of ilmenite-zircon sands
"TMPW" JSC Ilmenite ", Russia
The technological complex includes an enrichment plant with a design capacity of 575 thousand tons of ore per year and auxiliary infrastructure.
Customer: "TMPW "Ilmetite" JSC, Russia
Geography: Tomsk region, Russia

"Giprocvetmet" JSC was chosen as the General Designer for the full range of design and survey works, including: research and development (RD), a full range of engineering surveys, development of design documentation for all project facilities and infrastructure facilities, development of a full set of working documentation. The peculiarity and significance of the project lies in the fact that the technology of processing ore sand consists of the following main parts:
  • preparation of feedstock for enrichment;
  • primary enrichment of sands to produce a rough collective concentrate;
  • refinement of the collective concentrate to obtain conditioned selective mineral concentrates of titanium and zirconium;
  • enrichment of quartz sand;
  • thickening and filtering tailings.
The implementation of the project will allow organizing domestic production of mineral raw materials at the level of the best world analogues, which will provide consumers in the domestic market with a reliable source of raw materials at a low price.

After the completion of the Project, the Company will become the only major producer of zircon and titanium raw materials in Russia and will be one of the three largest producers in the CIS, and will also become the leading producer of quartz sand east of the Ural.
Project documentation consists of 3 independent Projects:
  • Concentrating fabric
  • Quarry
  • Transport and logistics terminal and railway component with public and non-public roads
Being developed by individual projects:
  • Concentrating fabric
  • High voltage power lines
  • Public railway infrastructure facilities
  • Non-public railway with transport and logistics terminal
Development of nomenclature products
  • Zircon concentrate
  • Ilmenite concentrate
  • Rutile-leucoxene concentrate
  • Fractionated quartz sands
  • Quartz sand for the glass industry