Giprotsvetmet has opened an independent subdivision in Saint-Petersburg
The new office in Saint-Petersburg has become the third subdivision of Giprotsvetmet , opened in Russia and CIS within a recent half of a year. The new subsidiary is a full-fledged unit of the company. It was created as part of the implementation of the strategy of Giprotsvetmet to increase the efficiency and the service quality for customers.

In order to expand the presence of the company and to strengthen staff recourses, «Giprotsvetmet» JSC has opened an independent subdivision in Saint-Petersburg. At the moment a mining department has been opened in the representative office, which is responsible for work execution in such directions as: design of underground mines and open cast mining, as well as a group of specialists has been formed in the field of mining mechanics. In the short term professionsl staff and competence expansion is being planned. At the moment the subsidiary in Saint-Petersburg is fully functioning and successfully realizing current design tasks of mining and processing enterprises in Russia and CIS.

The integrated development project of the «Komsomolsky» mine is the strategic project of the office. The customer is « Norilsk Nickel MMI» PJSC. Works include a wide spectrum of different stages implementation of which is planned in the coming years.

«The subsidiary started its operation in early 2020 and currently solves problems interacting with the head office of «Giprotsvetmet» JSC in Moscow. The strategic development plan of our subdivision has been approved. It will be implemented within next two years» - the manager of the independent office Nikolai Bychkov commented.

The representation of «Giprotsvetmet» JSC in Saint-Petersburg is located in the historical part of the city, 5 minutes away from the Nevsky avenue.

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