Giprotsvetmet continues large-scale project development "Eshlik-I" in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Representatives of JSC "Almalyk Mine Metallurgical Combine" (JSC "AMMC") and JSC "Giprotsvetmet" reviewed the concept of further development of the "Eshlik-I" deposit, construction of enterprises and infrastructure. As a result, they decided that JSC "Giprotsvetmet" would continue the project as a General Designer, taking into account the increase in production capacity compared to initial plans.
Between March and April, in the office of JSC "AMMC", under the guidance of Chairman of the Board A. Khursanov, business meetings were held between representatives of JSC "Giprotsvetmet" and JSC "AMMC". The concept of future development of the 'Eshlik-I" deposit was discussed, as well as construction of enterprises and infrastructure solutions.

JSC "Giprotsvetmet" acts as General Designer of the JSC "AMMC" project, determining the vectors of the strategic development of the "Eshlik-I" deposit. To date, the location of the construction site of the processing combine and infrastructure has been approved by JSC "AMMC". Giprotsvetmet has to increase the capacity of production of the combine. Currently representatives of both companies are conducting substantive work to determine the capacity, cost, and specific schedule for the development of each stage of the project.

The development of the project will have a positive effect on the economy of the combine and will have a multiplier effect for the country.

JSC "Almalyk Mine Metallurgical Combine" (JSC "AMMC") – mine-metallurgical combine in Almalyk in Tashkent region, Republic of Uzbekistan. One of the largest mine-metallurgical combines in Uzbekistan, a producer of about 90% of silver and 20% of gold in Uzbekistan, the largest copper producer in Central Asia.

JSC "Giprotsvetmet" is the center of design and engineering solutions for the mining and metallurgical industry, part of the Rostec-Business Development Corporation holding. Has a considerable experience in developing large-scale mining and metallurgical projects both in Russia and abroad. Currently, Giprotsvetmet is a leading engineering company in the mining and metallurgical industry and plans to expand their competences by fulfilling EPC / EPCM contracts.

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